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A special secion of the Oct. 25, 2018 Monticello Times Styling Monticello BY JEFFREY HAGE MONTICELLO TIMES Owning a salon involves far more than a cut, a snip, and touch of hair color. For Erika Fisher, the journey from disenchanted high school student to owner of Bliss Salon has been a lesson is soul searching. Erika will be the fi rst to tell you she didn’t exactly love high school. As a matter of fact, she took classes at Wright Tech in Buffalo to get a regular reprieve from the daily grind of high school. When she saw cosmetology as a course offering at Wright Tech, the writing was on the wall. “I always had a knack with hair and make-up,” she said. She recalls being about 5-years-old and do- ing her cousins’ hair and playing with make-up. As she moved into her teens and high school years, that transitioned into a love for fashion. She always seemed to know what was in style and what the new trends were. Erika enjoyed coloring the hair of her friends. She colored her own hair, too. “In middle school, we spent our time inside do- ing hair, make-up and dressing real cute,” she said. “By high school, the attention was turned to dances, formal dances, and prom.” Erika didn’t know at the time that one year at Wright Tech would go a long way in determining her future career path. Not only did Wright Tech provide Erika with an alternative education, it allowed her to begin work- ing on her post-secondary education. “I liked the idea of earning some credits for my education,” she said. However, Erika’s real dream was to someday be a nurse. Her plans were to go to college and pursue a nursing degree. But as is the case with many high school students, Erika found herself at a crossroads. In her case, the proverbial fork-in-the-road was a little different than most people her age. Erika got pregnant her senior year in high school. She gave birth to a baby boy days after the com- mencement ceremony at Monticello High School. Having a newborn changed Erika’s dream of be- coming a nurse. Instead, she found her true calling- she enrolled in cosmetology school. In the Fall of 2012, with a 3-month-old baby Erika FisherSee page 7 ƘƾŃʨ :Ŗ©ȡNjƾ Jeff Hage / Monticello Times Erika Fisher sits in her chair at Bliss Salon in Monticello. At age 25, Fisher is a salon owner, wife, and mother. ȡ qȄŖűŖȄȄŖŃ ‚ƘȡƮŖĹ ʡŖ ȡ©ƪŖ ƃȄŖ©ȡ ǤȄƘŃŖ Ƙƾ ƪƾNjʡƘƾƃĹ ʡƑŖƾ ʨNjȴ īƑNjNjȌŖ qȄŖűŖȄȄŖŃ ‚ƘȡƮŖĹ ʨNjȴ ©ȄŖ ǤȴȡȡƘƾƃ ʨNjȴȄ ű©ƹƘƮƘŖȌ ȡȄȴȌȡ Ƙƾ ȴȌǮ ˜Ŗ ȌȡȄƘʠŖ ȡNj ©Ʈʡ©ʨȌ Ǥȴȡ ʨNjȴ ŷȄȌȡǮ > ƘƾʠƘȡŖ ʨNjȴ ȡNj īNjƹŖ ȌŖŖ ʡƑʨ ʡŖ ©ȄŖ Ǿ‚ƑŖ qȄŖűŖȄȄŖŃ ˜©ʨ ȡNj ƮNjȌŖǿ !q!v>![! qȄŖűŖȄȄŖŃ ‚ƘȡƮŖ Ƒ©Ȍ ĠŖŖƾ ƮNjī©ƮƮʨ NjʡƾŖŃ ©ƾŃ NjǤŖȄ©ȡŖŃ űNjȄ NjʠŖȄ Ȱș ʨŖ©ȄȌ ©ƾŃ NjȴȄ ƪƾNjʡƮŖŃƃŖ©ĠƮŖ ȡŖ©ƹ ĠȄƘƾƃȌ NjʠŖȄ Ǚʲʲ ʨŖ©ȄȌ Njű īNjƹĠƘƾŖŃ ŖʦǤŖȄƘŖƾīŖ ȡNj ȡƑŖ ȡ©ĠƮŖǮ ˜Ŗ ǤȄNjʠƘŃŖ ȡƑŖ ȡʨǤŖ Njű ż©ʡƮŖȌȌ ȡȄ©ƾȌ©īȡƘNjƾ ©ƾŃ ƮŖʠŖƮ Njű īȴȌȡNjƹŖȄ ȌŖȄʠƘīŖ ȡƑ©ȡ ʨNjȴ ŖʦǤŖīȡ Ė ŃŖȌŖȄʠŖǮ {!v—>!{ ˜Ŗ ©ȄŖ © űȴƮƮ ȌŖȄʠƘīŖ ȡƘȡƮŖ īNjƹǤ©ƾʨ ǤȄNjʠƘŃƘƾƃ NjȴȄ īȴȌȡNjƹŖȄȌ ʡƘȡƑ ǹȴ©ƮƘȡʨ ȄŖǤȄŖȌŖƾȡ©ȡƘNjƾ Ƙƾ ŖʠŖȄʨ ©ȌǤŖīȡ Njű ȡƑŖ īƮNjȌƘƾƃ ǤȄNjīŖȌȌǮ ȡ qȄŖűŖȄȄŖŃ ‚ƘȡƮŖ Ƙȡ ƘȌ NjȴȄ ƃNj©Ʈ ȡNj ƹ©ƪŖ ȡƑ©ȡ ǤȄNjīŖȌȌ ŖŴŖīȡƘʠŖĹ ŖŵīƘŖƾȡ ©ƾŃ ȄŖʡ©ȄŃƘƾƃǮ ![!2>‚{ƕ :aa{! ‰{ů Ÿa‰Ĺ ȡƑŖ īȴȌȡNjƹŖȄ Ƒ©ʠŖ ȡƑŖ ȄƘƃƑȡ ȡNj īƑNjNjȌŖ ʨNjȴȄ ȡƘȡƮŖ īNjƹǤ©ƾʨǮ ˜Ŗ ©ȄŖ © űȴƮƮ ȌŖȄʠƘīŖ ȡƘȡƮŖ īNjƹǤ©ƾʨĹ ǤȄNjʠƘŃƘƾƃ NjȴȄ īƮƘŖƾȡȌ ʡƘȡƑ ǹȴ©ƮƘȡʨ ȄŖǤȄŖȌŖƾȡ©ȡƘNjƾǮ ˜ƑŖȡƑŖȄ ʨNjȴ ©ȄŖ ĠȴƘƮŃƘƾƃ ʨNjȴȄ ŃȄŖ©ƹ ƑNjƹŖĹ ĠȴʨƘƾƃ ʨNjȴȄ ŷȄȌȡ ƑNjƹŖĹ ȌŖƮƮƘƾƃ ʨNjȴȄ ǤȄNjǤŖȄȡʨĹ ȄŖŷƾ©ƾīƘƾƃ NjȄ ©ƾʨ ȌȡŖǤ Ƙƾ ĠŖȡʡŖŖƾĹ ʡŖ ʡƘƮƮ ǤȄNjʠƘŃŖ ʨNjȴ ʡƘȡƑ ȡƑŖ ƑƘƃƑŖȌȡ ǹȴ©ƮƘȡʨ īȴȌȡNjƹŖȄ ȌŖȄʠƘīŖĹ Ƒ©ƾŃƮƘƾƃ ʨNjȴȄ ȡȄ©ƾȌ©īȡƘNjƾ Ƙƾ © ǤȄNjűŖȌȌƘNjƾ©Ʈ ©ƾŃ īNjȴȄȡŖNjȴȌ ƹ©ƾƾŖȄǮ X©Ƙƾ NjŵīŖ ƕǙǙȨ ˜ŖȌȡ ȄNj©Ńʡ©ʨƕ XNjƾȡƘīŖƮƮNjĹ X[ ŸŸȨșȰ {©ȡŖƮƮƘȡŖ aŵīŖ ť {ȡǮ ƮNjȴŃĹ X[ ˜Ŗ ‚Ȅ©ʠŖƮ ȡNj īīNjƹNjŃ©ȡŖ ŸNjȴȄ ƮNjȌƘƾƃů ǙǙȨ ˜ŖȌȡ ȄNj©Ńʡ©ʨ Ī qǮaǮ Njʦ ȔȰȔ XNjƾȡƘīŖƮƮNjĹ X[ ŸŸȨșȰ ȔșȨǮȰǃŸǮșžǙʲ           n˜nQÏAݏ£ƒ :¨žn£ £ æӏ£nÓÓ