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“Let’s go,” I said. I didn’t want to make him feel bad. “Oh, it means that you don’t know you have to urinate so you We’d repeat the whole thing on the hospital can’t control it. I’m sorry, how do you not know end of things. Getting in and out of the car had that word?” become so much work that we started stacking our appointments to limit the number of transfers “I told you this was my first day,” he said. required. “Ever?” I said. My mind registered a level of shock At the hospital, I turned to Dwayne. “We have an that I tried to temper before opening my mouth. hour. Let’s go get some coffee and I can fill you in.” “What did you do before this?” “ “ At the hospital Starbucks, I explained your “I’ve worked in a grocery store for the past twenty- condition, stage four brain cancer, also known as seven years,” he said. well as the meningitis you’d contracted after the most recent surgery. “He still hallucinates,” I explained. “He can’t see very well. Until recently, he was able to walk, but now he has a hard time supporting his weight at all. Also, with the meningitis came incontinence because the part of the brain that signals the need to urinate is right in front of the All day I felt lighter. I imagined a tall, strong man who would arrive in the morning. In my imagination, he wore a white uniform, like an old-fashioned orderly. He’d come in, assess the situation, and act. “ glioblastoma multiforme, as ventricles, which are now not functioning, again, due “ to meningitis, which is why he has a drain in his head . . .” I drank my coffee while That Dwayne talked about what year, 195 had drawn him to the I was 14, and caregiver role. He cared because she lo about people. He wanted me and wante to help. That was all fine, to protect me, m but, as I would explain to his supervisor, I needed someone mother followed whom I didn’t have to teach. instructi doctor’s to keep the tru “It’s a safety thing,” I said. a secret, especia “Jaylan is essentially a paralyzed person. from I need to my fathe be able to trust that Dwayne and me. knows how to transfer a body safely, at a bare minimum.” The supervisor was sorry. “ “Should I look for someone else?” he asked. “It could take a while.” Dwayne interrupted. “What’s incontinence?” he said. Maybe someone was better than no one. It’s not just the Lynda and I beg noise of breathing I stared at him. “Does he have any training at all?” our housing sea that bothers me. a year before t “Sorry, what?” I asked. completed the five-hour basic training My chest “He burns. fatal diagnosi module, which is all that’s required to get started,” My lungs, I guess. When she enter “I don’t know what that word means,” he said. he explained. Because I am out treatment, we of shape. Or because continued looki 9 the cancer is believing she w progressing? “