Months To Years Winter 2019 Months To Years Winter 2019 - Page 6

Dear Superman By Nicole Hardina It was almost like dancing. You stood and held out “I want to walk,” you’d say. your arms crossed at the wrists. I did the same, linking hands with you. I walked backward and “Are you sure?” I asked. “Maybe we should save you forward. energy.” “Head up,” I said. “Chest out.” We. Our. Us. Soon, walking wasn’t possible at all. You looked into my eyes and smiled. “Okay, I placed the wheelchair at the correct angle, first Monkey.” removing the leg nearest to where you were in the bed or the chair. If you were in bed, I reached We made slow, careful steps toward the bathroom, around your head and shoulders in a sort of both of us executing perfectly in order to avoid reverse seatbelt, wrapping my hand as gently as disaster. possible around your middle back. We hugged, then. A quick kiss. You moved your legs toward the “Look,” we said, proud of ourselves. edge of the bed. Later, when you couldn’t move them, I did that part. I bent my knees low to use We focused on the next step. The smooth lift. The the strength of my legs and protect my back. careful bend. “Ready?” The choreography complicated. At first, all you’d needed was a hand on your elbow. I made myself “Yep.” strong and steady like a tree. A week later, we dance-walked to the bathroom. Then, the I sent my left arm below your knees and crouched bathroom was too far. at the edge of the bed. In one motion, I swept 6