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In “Dear Superman” Nicole Hardina gives voice I will close with a quote from each. (We have also to a caregiver’s struggle and reminds us that included another quote from each in the later when we casually tell caregivers to hire some pages of this issue.) From Russell Baker: Listen help to ease their burden, this often is not as once in a while. It’s amazing what you can hear. straightforward as it sounds. “Dear Superman” From Mary Oliver: Instructions for living a life.  shows the personal experience that is the Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. caregiver crisis in America. Best wishes and keep telling about it, In “The Fiction of My Father’s Recuperation” Paul Dalmas explores how the doctor conspired Renata Louwers, with his mother (and other relatives) to keep his Editor and Co-founder, Months To Years father’s impending death a secret both from his father and himself (when the author was 14). He considers how this affected his short and long- term perspectives on dying. In “Flood” Lisa Richter recounts a flood in the home she bought with her terminally-ill partner. She reflects upon her belief that her deceased partner instigated the flood to provide a grief catharsis. In “Jean’s Trail” terminally-diagnosed Dawn Newton juxtaposes her challenges breathing with her challenges hiking a trail in rural Georgia. These brief descriptions highlight just four of the 17 writers contributing to this issue. Our contributing poets also bring a breadth of perspective to the issue. I hope you will delve into all the essays and poetry yourself and soak up their wisdom and lovely writing. I hope you enjoy this issue. As always, please let me know what you think. I would love to hear it. You can reach me at And touching again on the finality of loss, the writing community lost two long-time beloved American writers in January: poet Mary Oliver and journalist Russell Baker. Though recognized for vastly different writing styles, they both offered writing that was accessible and brimming with common sense observations and wisdom. MONTHS TO YEARS Renata K. Louwers | Editor & Co-Founder Tim Louwers | CFO & Co-Founder Barbara LaBounta | Design Director Renusha Indralingam | Editorial Assistant & Storytelling Coach