Months To Years Winter 2019 Months To Years Winter 2019 - Page 48

Thinking About Death By KL Bissenden I ponder prospects of the inevitable. Dramatically: My car bursts into flames. Like on TV, the grunting hero tries desperately to reach me, but, oh, the heat is too great. Tragically: Fraught with altruism I pick a Third World country where I will defeat poverty and illiteracy, but I’m thwarted by a forgotten land mine on a border of new maps. If I were alive, I would wonder which tragedy exploded. Instantly: On an operating table an anesthetist shoots the wrong creek into my river. Though I am in the place of “First, do no harm,” the white masks will tilt their heads, “It’s one in a million, but she died instantly.” Ah. Justified. I thought death was always instant. One, you’re here. Two, you’re not. I don’t donate my body to science; I like mystery. 48