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Jean’s Trail By Dawn Newton I plan to catch the trail just up the road from I don’t care for inclines. I am not fit, and uphill my cabin, Cove Cottage, where I’ll head up the work reinforces that fact. I have walked only 50 narrow ramp-like stretch of gravel and grass yards, yet already the huffs of breath I make leading to Stanton’s Trail. I am a writing resident aloud drown out the shush of my feet against at Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts and the leaves, the volume increasing with each step. Sciences in Rabun Gap, Georgia, just on the When the doctors listen to my lungs, they want border of North Carolina. I have three weeks to me to exhale loud, deep breaths when they place work on my parenting-with-cancer memoir before the stethoscope on my back. I head home for Thanksgiving. The detailed map of trails Hambidge provided seduces me into I breathe out now. I stop. It is okay to rest. It is believing that this trek will be easy. For the first okay to breathe loudly. No one can hear you, I tell time in days, the sun shimmers onto the foliage myself. I wear my orange vest, recommended in surrounding my cottage. Rain pelted softly my housing information, because there could be against the fiberglass skylight each of the last a hunter shooting from a car on one of the roads, few nights, and when I looked out the window even though doing so is unlawful. I carry my cabin each morning, spoonfuls of water had collected key, with its cowbell keychain, designed to startle in leaf bowls. Back in Michigan, the weather has bears. My accoutrements suggest that I might, in already begun its winter dance, so I must enjoy fact, cross paths with someone or something, but I the warmer temperatures here while I write. convince myself that my awkward gasps and huffs will go unheeded. Upon reaching the beginning of the trail, my body and I recognize the slight incline. I love trails The map says Stanton’s Trail goes left, while but do not consider myself a true hiker because Anselm’s Trail goes right. I want Stanton’s because 40