Months To Years Winter 2019 Months To Years Winter 2019 - Page 36

Our Own Undoing By Aaron White I’m afraid, without you, After you, everything invisible forces at eye level stays clean. want to end me with a I obsess to scrub the black Ticonderoga walls and live much longer to my tender temple. to dirty them again. You’re indefinite and Some days, since you, I am gone. I think I’m done trying a porous orange peel soaked to sew blue pieces in official acid of your body back. There’s of offices and jobs. honey to harvest now. When I floss my teeth of You never liked to be rind, there’s bits of your head. wrong. No one likes to be. But I should thank you, for No one loves depressing I’m a dad with Christmas shit. You’ve left nothing that’s toys and batteries. I short of a bottled ship. have power to make things go. Aaron White holds a Master of Arts in literary studies from Eastern Illinois University and contributes to Bluestem Magazine as an assistant nonfiction editor. His work has appeared in Mothers Always Write, Parent Co, 13th Dimension, Prong & Posy, The Pedestal Magazine, and other publications. He spends his days raising a toddler, navigating academia, trying to sell a novel, and wallowing in obscurity. Connect with him on Twitter @amwhite90 and Tumblr at 36