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Elegy for My Sister By Diane Kendig   and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart i carry your heart (I carry it in my heart) -- e.e. cummings Another mother gave her two rosewood hearts to touch as talismans, a worry heart Dawn focused on (she so wanted to live), and kept the other for her child if she should die. She and five-year-old Bess lived in Minnesota, where Bess was learning kindergarten lessons of the world:   February’s facts on truth, justice, planets—her maps of the world filled the family room along with the Valentine hearts that chizzly winter, 25 below in Minnesota. A friend penned under a sunrise he drew, “This Dawn keeps coming up!” The third time told she’d die, she couldn’t plan on it, decided to live   as long as she could, told Bess she’d always live within her daughter’s heart; even if the world were a deep freeze, there’d be a warm spot if she’d die, there in the left side of the chest, the heart. I can’t get used to the world without Dawn, can’t imagine without her there could be any Minnesota.   33