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Can I Get a Witness? By Barrie Kreinik I’m having a dayenu year. My father died at the end of last February. My close friend and “fairy godmother,” Carole, died at There’s a prayer in the Passover liturgy that runs the end of August. And my mentor and friend of 15 through a series of scenarios and repeats the years, Alison, died at the beginning of October. All Hebrew word dayenu: “It would have been enough.” three were in their 70s, which is arguably “old,” but Had God brought us out of Egypt and not fed us in this day and age, not nearly old enough. manna, dayenu. Had God fed us manna and not given us the Torah, dayenu (Etcetera.) It has They were three of the strongest pillars of my a catchy chorus and joyful implications: just life. Without them, my foundation is listing. I feel one of those miracles would have been enough, but unsteady. Uncertain. God performed them all. Unseen. This past year’s implications have not been so joyful. A massage therapist once told me—as I lay on her table trying not to feel the emotions my muscles Just one death would have been enough. Two would were holding—“Sometimes what we need is a have been tragic. Three, to quote Oscar Wilde, witness to our suffering.” That simple statement “looks like carelessness.” unlocked me, and I believe it extends to more than 29