Months To Years Winter 2019 Months To Years Winter 2019 - Page 23

Oh, did I tell you how mom spent the morning Picking out your coffin? (It’s made of polystyrene so it looks expensive Yet costs less than the average wood or metal unit.) She will bury you In the suit you said I could borrow for job interviews. As planned, your eyes will be scooped out and donated to science. Since I have only ten minutes left on the parking meter, I look into your face and try to cry. I think of my sad things, like watching a squirrel Dart into the middle of the road, Hesitate a second too long and get run over. I try to cry But my watchdog of despair lets no tears slip by. By the bye, dad, did I mention my new hobby? Watching the starlings outside your pale window. They hop from branch to branch, apparently at random. (Someday it will be their turn, too.) Paul Brucker, a marketing communications writer, lives in Mt. Prospect, IL, “Where Friendliness Is a Way of Life.” Active in the early 1980s Washington, D.C. poetry scene, he put a lid on poetry writing when he went to the Northwestern University graduate advertising school to learn how to think like a businessman and secure a decent income. Nevertheless, he has succumbed to writing poetry again. 23