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Flood By Lisa Richter I’m sitting on the floor of my bedroom closet. packed in, labeled, sent out to storage, and It is dry here. fast the supervisor told me when he arrived, although exactly how long ago that was, I’ve Outside the door beyond the foot of the no idea. How many minutes, hours have I been mattress, water drips steadily from the ceiling, sitting here, hiding out I now admit to myself, the upstairs living room floor overwhelmed by protecting this space? the morning’s savage torrent—gaps in its aged oak and along the walls having swallowed the My love’s clothes hang to my left on double floodwater and now relentlessly spitting it out. bars, primped on shelves. Six pair of jeans Away briefly, I’d returned to a gushing roar stand sober at my shoulder, bottoms frayed, beneath the kitchen sink. Water to the ankles, denim worn to velvety softness. Suits in wools vibrant wool rugs a seabed, a river pouring and cottons, her stunning Ann Klein tuxedo. down the stairs to the bedrooms. Opening a Below them, aligned on the floor: worn leather slider to the rear deck, water soared over the boots, cross-trainers, Ferragamo dress pumps in edge. mahogany and coal. I move slightly and the cuff of a pale silk blouse, a favorite of her evening Above me, an emergency crew stomp and gigs, brushes my chin. shout, their monstrous water-sucking machines growling over the floors. Tomorrow more Lynda and I began our housing search a year equipment will arrive: massive fans with black before the fatal diagnosis. When she entered roping cables; knives to slice through drywall; treatment, we continued looking, believing she claws and shovels to ravage and lift damaged was going to get better, purchasing this home floors, the damp flesh to be torn from its together as proof, a home large enough for bones. Then the drying—99 scorching degrees. both our grand pianos, a music studio for her, a But first everything had to go, picked up, writing room for me. Friends took me aside, said 18