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Only So Many By Judith Simon Prager Is it true we are allotted Even a universe that only so many breaths prospers through change between the exalted first (another word for death) and the dreaded last? surely has room for as many kisses as… How many is “so many?” raindrops Who knows? Who keeps count? If so, do pearl divers live longer and Unless they, too, are allotted and marathon runners shorter? After the rain and the kisses are done, there will be no more. Or is it that we are given only so many heartbeats or only so many cruel comments And if that is true or only so many kisses they can have my last breath as well --No! That couldn’t be. For I would probably in that case also have spent my last tear. Judith Simon Prager is a therapist with a Ph.D. in psychology. She is an award-winning instructor of fiction and narrative non-fiction in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program with her husband, the poet Harry Youtt. She lectures to medical personnel and first responders across the United States and around the world in the protocol she and Judith Acosta co-developed, Verbal First Aid.™ She has trained those who work with refugees from war-torn countries suffering from trauma. Their book, The Worst Is Over: What To Say When Every Moment Counts, has been called “the ‘Bible’ for crisis communication” by The International Journal of Emergency Mental Health. She trains 911 dispatchers and teachers in words to help prevent or assuage trauma, including lockdown drills. Her latest book, What the Dolphin Said, is a novel based on her true experience with dolphins and children with disabilities. 31 17