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Waiting Room By Jan Ball In the waiting room This windowless basement a girl cradles a bouquet location is the grayest space of yellow roses in her arms I’ve been in at the hospital: before her first chemo chairs in parallel rows treatment. like a classroom, no colorful Klee or Chagall Two slightly older patients, reproductions on the walls, who have buds in their ears no Debussy or Ravel and knit caps on their heads, music playing, just a TV rock back and forth and tap blaring reruns their toes in Nikes of Days of Our Lives while they wait. while we wait. I am here to find out where I come for my first radiation treatment next week. Numerous poems by Jan Ball (266 to be precise) have been published in journals including: ABZ, Atlanta Review, Calyx, Connecticut Review, Main Street Rag, Nimrod, and Verse Wisconsin. In addition to the U.S., her work has been published in Great Britain, Canada, India, and Ireland. Jan’s two chapbooks: Accompanying Spouse (2011) and Chapter of Faults (2014) were published with Finishing Line Press. Jan’s first full-length poetry book I Wanted to Dance with My Father was published by Finishing Line Press in September 2017. When not working out, gardening at their farm or traveling, Jan and her 30 husband like to cook for friends. 16