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most difficult but it’s not impossible. If depression or anger Personally, I’m frustrated by the physical degradation, persists it’s imperative to reach out to others, in my case constant fatigue, and inability to do things I once took sharing with the hospice staff, a nurse, or confiding in for granted. I frequently wonder when my tumor ridden friends and family. There are also online support groups body will finally give in. Not knowing is positively vexing. for the computer savvy. I refuse to die unhappy. Will there be warning signs? Will I become immobilized   and stuck in bed, being spoon fed mush and crapping in What do Dying Patients Think? diapers? Horrified by the prospect of becoming totally Past chemotherapy treatments and current pain medicines dependent on others, I’d rather pass on before that have addled my cognition and short-term memory, but occurred.  I’m still acutely aware of the situation. Many people wish to know what we terminal patients close to death are I also fear the possibility of acute pain when my body’s thinking, yet they’re afraid to ask. The answer depends functions cease; a common concern. Yet I look forward to on the individual and how much they’ve been able to leaving my damaged form behind and flying to freedom prepare. Being terminal can be an exceptionally difficult in the spirit realm. I’ve had a good share of adventures in situation. Some patients experience anxiety over the life and am satisfied by the actions I’d taken. I’m grateful unknown and others fret over things they wished they’d for the memorable connections made with others over the done differently. Parents with young children despair over years, and glad to have been able to forgive my father )ѡɽЁ٥ѡȁ䁉'eٔЁ܁́ٔѥݥѠ)ѥ́ݡݕɔɕ䁅䁅չݥѼЁɥ̰ݥѠѠ͕)ѡɸѡȁٕ́х$eЁѡ)$ɕ+ )ѕȁ٥չٕѥI ɜ͕݅́ݥѠɕЁȁЁиMѕɕ ѡɕ)啅́ѕȸЁɥɥٕ͡ɐȁͅЁȀ啅́ݡɅٕѼمɥ)̸ɥѕȰ͡Չٔ͡ѥ̻ M]Ѡ5 ͡ɕ́Iéɥٕѥٕͅɕ̳ =)) х́յɽ́Ёݽɭѡ酹䁥ͱ-]г MMɕ ́ɥݥѠ ɟe)ɥݽɬ 5%ͱٕɗ ́éՍѥɥЁѡɥٕɝ̸!ȁɕ)ѥݽɬ ]Mɕ̰́ЁȁЁɽݥݥѠͥٔѡȰȰ)ɹ܁Ѽɝٔ ɜͼՉ͡ѥٕɔ͍ѥٕ Q!յѡ!չѕM)́ѥȁɔѥ饹ɥՅՉ̻ ܹI ɝй(