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had been traded for uncertainty. The pressing question Likewise, people who are good in life receive placement became: how much time did I have? in higher levels. If we behave, we can take comfort in knowing a heavenly abode, beautiful beyond words, So Now What? awaits us after passing. If a soul needs to continue the Spending more time with loved ones and engaging in challenging lessons of earthly life so it can evolve into meaningful talks helped resolve their fears. It irks me higher levels, reincarnation occurs. that this society tends to treat death as taboo and leaves people reluctant to discuss it, lest they say something Such an ideology also contributes to my open-minded they consider too shocking. Family members often avoid view of the supernatural and presumably makes it easier speaking to a patient in depth about the subject, afraid for me to experience paranormal encounters. This was in they’ll offend. Likewise, patients are often unwilling to spite of the fact that I am a stubbornly skeptical individual share their innermost fears and concerns. As a result, who doesn’t blindly believe everything I am told. I have to valuable discourse is neglected, as is a chance to establish experience it first. deeper bonds lost forever. Defying such useless and obsolete social norms, I resolved not to allow this to The unseen didn’t waste time trying to convince me. As a happen. young adult, there were times during the wee hours of the morning when I’d wake up beyond my physical body. The My lifespan an unknown factor, it is up to me to take real “me,” presumably my soul, was aware yet nonphysical, advantage of the remaining moments, to secure loose and able to pass through walls and fly in the air. Some ends and socialize. I refuse to cower in a corner and allow may regard the experience as delusion, but that doesn’t a disease to control my mood or activities. I’m in the pilot’s explain the instances I’ve been able to describe. For chair of my life, not cancer, and certainly not society’s example, once, while traveling out of body to a friend’s ridiculous norms. Voicing the most colorful expletives an house, I witnessed a scene that I described the next day to ex-boat mechanic could utter, I lifted a middle finger and my perplexed friend who affirmed that what I described sneered in cancer’s face. It may’ve taken my body, but had actually occurred. I had limited control over these never my spirit. occasional excursions, but they were unforgettable.   Facing Fear Spirits or ghosts were another phenomenon I’d sometimes People wonder how I can be so positive and defiant encounter. Again, it would be easy to dismiss it as fantasy, in the face of an incurable illness, so I sought a logical but other people have validated what I’ve seen. In one explanation. Honestly, I really don’t know. Is it because instance, I had the compulsion to describe a ghostly I don’t fear death? I am afraid of any pain that might gentleman to a woman at work. He’d appeared out of the accompany the dying process, but I harbor no trepidation blue and started hanging around her. My co-worker was of what happens afterward. This could be partly due to receptive enough for me to risk sharing what I saw. After my ethnic background and upbringing. I described the ghost, she burst into tears and, showing me a photo of someone who resembled him, explained Culture surely plays a role in how I view death and have it was a recently-deceased uncle. I had no idea she’d lost overcome the natural human mistrust of the unknown. a family member much less what he had looked like. This Through my native Siberian-Sami side, I was raised with brought her closure and the ghostly uncle, who’d likely the belief in a many-layered spirit realm and the presence been trying to let his favorite niece know he was still OK, of animal and angelic spirit helpers. We also have a strong moved on. incentive to behave since there are lower, rather hellish   levels in the afterlife where misbehaving souls will land. 58 Living with Purpose in Death’s Shadow