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The Twisted Ladder By Jeremy Gadd   The oncologist said: ‘It’s a terminal disease,’  effectively informing me  my life is null and void. And I admit I did pray as  I sat, head bowed, imagining   my DNA, composed  like the holy trinity, of three separate but  integral parts within  double stranded helices,  passing through me;  from generations past, via anti-parallel ladders  of twisting pairs of  molecular strands on  to my distant descendants.   For weeks I lived with that awful image in my mind; the DNA helix chiral  revolving in my brain,  imparting genetic instructions from my mutant genes  to chromosomes inherited by my only child, grandchildren, great grandchildren; my  lineage, ad infinitum.                                                  And I reviled and censured Jeremy Gadd has published four volumes of poetry:  science for being able to  Reflections While Flying on Empty (Aldrich Press, USA, foretell but not prevent  2015);  Selected Poems, (Australian Scholarly Publishing, the consequence of that mutagen active within my cells.  Melbourne, 2013); Twenty-Six Poems, (AICD Sydney, 2000); and A Tale of Tai Ringal and Other Poems, a livre But then came an epiphany   d’artiste with engravings by P. John Burden, (Bournehall and I understood - the same  Press, England, 1975). The 1975 collection is now found science that foretold my fate in rare book collections such as the Victoria and Albert might one day, long after listening Museum in London; the Samuel Paley Library, Temple to my funeral bells, enable  University, Philadelphia; and the Reid Library, University my progeny to modify their cells. of Western Australia. 53