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“Yes. It just has to be endured.  I am so sorry, love.” Her words—filled with honesty, empathy, and love—eased me. Relieved. She wasn’t pushing me to move on, start a new chapter. No timelines, no predictable stages to pass The concerns I brought to these therapy sessions seemed through. Her acknowledgment of time—my time—was endless.  comforting; the permission to protect boundaries— liberating. “I just want to be alone most of the time.  My friends are wonderful people.  And it’s not just that they are kind To be with Philip was to be with myself, to be closer to and supportive.  They—each in their own way—are also and even more fully myself; it was being home.  Despite seekers after meaning and a life well lived. I respect and struggles and conflicts, his eccentricities rubbing up appreciate who they are.” against mine, all our stubbornness – there was the certainty of an unshakeable communion, a deep and “Yes?” she encouraged.   abiding love. “But after just an hour or two of being with anyone, I feel I tried out a newly unfolding philosophy on her. like I’m straining, forcing myself. Whe $Ё'e)Ʌ$eЁ͕Ѽ͕ѱͱ䁥ѡq5剔ݡͽ́ͼՍЁݡ)݅$݅́݅́ݥѠAtٔ剔ݡѡ䁑ɔ+ ͥݥѠ԰ӊéЁՍѕ+q9́Ѽݡɔȁѡѥԁ͔ѡeɗ ͥ ԰ЁԻ Qeɔ)Ё͡ɕݥѠA5剔ٕȃLх䁹Ёȁѥ ݥѣ ԁѡ݅́ѡЁѕȁл ]ѡ)ѥt͡ͅ !ɥѡ́ɥ䁕́ݥѠ݅ɕ͕́ѱ́ɽչ$ѕ!ͻe)ѕ́ɽ՝ЁѕݕЁɕє Ϳ t+q ͥѼȁݸѼȁѡȁM͵)ͽՑȁݕٕȁЁɕ́԰́ͅ䳊t)͡ѥՕ qѼɥ́ѡЁԁ)͡Ё٥ͥ́́չхѡeչх)ݽeЁѡt))!ٕ́ȁݽɑ́ͥ͡ݽɕѥٔɥѥ݅ɐѡɐɅ!ȁѡ)Ȱ1ݥѠ%ͥAͽ5ȁ1ٔ1̰QɅ͙ɵѥݥم齸)՝ЀกMɽєɽͥ䁥ȁɕ́́卡ѡɅЁչٕͥ͠ՍѽȸM)չɥѥѼѠЁѡɅ丁 ɸ1%ͱ͡ɅٕѡݽɱݥѠȁ͉Aٕ)A՝A ə԰ԁQ䰁́͡Ё ̰ Ʌ(