Months To Years Summer 2018 MTY_Summer2018_v7 - Page 5

In “To Stake a Claim to Grief,” Renusha Indralingam, our editorial assistant and storytelling coach, recounts her experience working in a rural hospital. She questions whether she has the right to feel grief after a resident’s death. In “The Final Choice,” current hospice patient Rebecca Burg writes about her decision to enroll in hospice, despite her family’s objections, and how she has continued to try to live well—and with humor—even as she knows she’s dying. In “Washtub,” Patti See contemplates the difference between her comfortable life today—that includes a spa tub—and her childhood in which eight children bathed in the same bathwater in an old-fashioned washtub. In “The Presence of His Absence,” Cynthia Lim refl ects on serving as her critically-ill husband’s caregiver for many years and her sense of loss even though he was still alive. I hope you enjoy this issue. As always, please let me know what you think. I would love to hear it. You can reach me at MONTHS TO YEARS Best wishes, Renata K. Louwers | Editor & Co-Founder Renata Louwers, Editor and Co-founder, Months To Years Tim Louwers | CFO & Co-Founder Barbara LaBounta | Design Director Renusha Indralingam | Editorial Assistant & Storytelling Coach