Months To Years Summer 2018 MTY_Summer2018_v7 - Page 42

Stages By Amy Li There are different stages of life: the stages of your professional life, the stages of your personal life. Whether you realize or not, You are playing the character of your life On that stage. There is the stage of the performing arts where you sing, dance, tell jokes, recite poems, share intellectual wisdom and ideas in a full spotlight. You don’t need a full spotlight because you are playing the character of your life. Enjoy it while it lasts, take a deep breath. Suck it all in. Stage IV can be just as beautiful as Stage I, or any stage of your life, professional or personal. In or out of the spotlight with or without an audience. You may or may not be able to see the audience in front of your stage, each member playing the character of her life— smiling, laughing, crying, feeling surprised, amazed, or intrigued— and taking everything you say, everything you do, home, to empower or challenge that character. Then there is the stage where numbers really matter for you and your loved ones because you ar H][܈[\YK[H\H^Z[H\[H\X[\XKYHKYHRKYHRRK]YHU Y\] [HX] X]\H[H\HYHUK[\YH\]YH[\X]\H ܈YB[]\]\K[^HH\H[\و[MX[[\[ZX[XYY][K܈Y\HUX[[\HݚYH\ۘ[^YܙX]]H\•\\H\[\YXX[[[Y[H[Z][܈\Yۋ[[X[[\K[]][X[HZ][܈[H[H[^K[\Y]\H HYX\\HYKH\YHU\\[X[[\[^H\HV YHU\H\YHو[\YK\Yۈ[[[^\܈ؘ[[X\“]H][KݙHZX\YKZ[HX]]Y[KXZU [ˈH\HܘYX]Hو[[\]B[[K[\X]H[\[]\]H[HY[X\وH\و\Xܜق\H[[XX[\H[YX\ˈ[X[]J[[\][ۘ[ۋ\ٚ]