Months To Years Summer 2018 MTY_Summer2018_v7 - Page 34

The Souls of Those Who Have Passed Before Me By Wally Swist If I could choose among those who might greet me  on Chapel Street in New Haven, when he stopped when I pass into the afterlife, to thank me for being the only person who was I would want the young woman who lived next door kind to him in school, but, as he added, to us in the 1950s, who brought over that they also hated me, too, tears streaming down   cold chocolate pudding in cut-crystal parfait glasses his face, as he informed me that  when my mother and I were burning ticks off he had a good job, that he found a woman who our dog with matches, on a sweltering day in Miami, loved him, that he was happily married, to be there to meet me. that he made it despite them. I would want to see Dale Swatkins again,   who was ahead of me alphabetically in homeroom I would want to have Richard C. Raymond meet me in the afterlife when I pass, a man who throughout junior high and high school, and to meet had preside X[\\][ۜ\YB[HYZ[\\H\[YY[][\\\]HY0