Months To Years Summer 2018 MTY_Summer2018_v7 - Page 32

Letting Go By Kathryn McArthur Linda lay under the covers in the middle of the afternoon We could see Dean in the backyard watering plants, with the pillows propped so that it didn’t hurt as much puttering around in the yard and in the small greenhouse when she breathed. Her hair was thin, her face gaunt. She at the end of the deck. He was a freelance production was 44 years old. manager in the film industry and had come home from one shoot with the greenhouse, a gift for Linda. I brought out armloads of clothes from her walk-in closet and laid them on the king-size bed. We looked at each We looked at the faded blue, long-sleeved shirt that she’d one. worn to work in her beloved garden. It was too frayed to give away, too sentimental to toss. “Keep it,” she said, and “Keeper.” I hung it back in the closet, although we both knew she wasn’t able to tend her garden anymore. “Give away.” Her clothes bore witness to the life she had been gradually “Keeper.” letting go of after 12 years fighting breast cancer, six of those years after the cancer metastasized to her lungs and The piles built up around her, and ͡Ёȁɕ́ȁȁѕɹմ%ӊéѥѼٔͥ啅́ݥѠMх%X)ͭЁɽ՝Ёɥ̻ ɕЁȸ+q= ѡ Qӊéѡݕѕȁ$ݽɔݡ$Ёw =ɕ́݅́݅ѕɍȵѕȁє+qQӊéѱ䁙ȁݽаeЁԁѡt)$܁ѡЁٽ䵍ɕЁݕѕȁɽѡݔ՝$eЁͅѡ̰Ё$ѡ՝Ё݅͡)ɅѽɅéͬѡɹȁѡѼͅ䰃qȁݽݡé她t)ݥ̸1չѥհɅЁѼ)ѡɇé唁ѡ݅䁄ݽݱ䁥ٔ)$ɽ՝ЁЁ͕ٕɅP̰͡Ё̸)䁅Ёȁ +q'eٔݽɸѡЁɕٕȳt͡ͅЁɕ+q-ȳtݔͅЁչͽ()ɕȁѼЁЁѡȁM