Months To Years Summer 2018 MTY_Summer2018_v7 - Page 30

Slow Remission By Brendan Alpiner so I don’t mind a small detour  every now and then. As long as I can see your eyes shining stable stars Coffee tastes bitter I’ll stay. without cream The doctors don’t think but that’s how I need it I’ll last, that I’ll give up to be. that my engine will stall. Your voice is somewhere But baby, my heart hasn’t worked inside my cup, for years. I live for swirling around and ride by the slow decline. in a stream The only way I know of total darkness. how to move forward is slowly If I add sugar one rubber track after the other. your voice might bubble We both have TBI’s back up both our mirrors are cracked but all this place has is what’s behind us is skewed aspartame, the fake stuff. and this road has damaged us We both know it’s not real more than most. and we’ll drown or dissolve deeper, But what I’m saying is this: I’m sure of it. this coffee tastes bitter but we both know those tiny pink packets My mental health declines are just an easier way as yours remains steady to digest what we both need and still buried from injury. to, one day, We both have TBI’s- walk out the door together, traumatic brain injuries- a different kind of cancer  yours, caused from a car, we both don’t want and mine, a more mysterious kind of vehicle, because it takes away the heat we need are both in slow remission to thrive or ride or die. and way too present for us to see past. You’re moving rooms today one bed to another but you’re still in the same spot Brendan Alpiner is an actor, musician and performance in my bent out of shape heart. poet. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the The doctors say it’ll be a long University of Michigan’s School of Music, Theater & long road to recovery  Dance in Performance Acting. It was there that he but they don’t know cultivated a love for all things performative and poetic. I’ve been traveling  When he isn’t writing or thinking about writing, he’s either always traveling down that road listening to some new album or debating adopting a new dog. He lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 30