Months To Years Summer 2018 MTY_Summer2018_v7 - Page 3

M ONTHS T O Y EARS SUMMER 2018 If I Knew Then What Was To Come Mal Schoen 6 Loving Life Pam Munter 10 Thirst Paul Rousseau 12 Residues David Olsen 13 On Becoming A Poet Mary Ann Larkin 14 What’s Left Felice Aull 16 When the Rain Speaks Marianne Yenouskas 17 The Presence of His Absence Cynthia Lim 19 My ki-67 and Lady Chemo Barbara LaBounta 22 “what rainbows teach, and sunsets show”: departure, return and synchronicity Trisha Brady 26 Slow Remission Brendan Alpiner 30 Letting Go Kathryn McArthur 32 The Souls of Those Who Have Passed Before Me Wally Swist 34 Washtub Patti See 37 Stages Amy Li 42 To Stake a Claim to Grief Renusha Indralingam 44 Therapy: Giving a Voice to Grief Joan Heiman 48 The Twisted Ladder Jeremy Gadd 53 Life’s Adversary Johanna Kopp 54 The Final Choice Rebecca Burg 57 Emptiness Anthony Wade 61 NLMF Barbara LaBounta 62