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When I arrived at the hospital’s ICU the next morning, “I wanted to write this ... And I hope you accept my father was not intubated. Instead, he had a breath- it as from the heart. I love you ... very much and ing mask over his face. His steel-blue eyes were open, I always have, no matter the circumstances that staring off ahead of him, but he never blinked. I did not have come down through life. My dad used to know what to do when I saw, for myself, the reality of his tell me that my Heavenly father loved me no condition. His large, six-foot frame looked sallow and frail matter what I did because like my real father in relief against the white of the hospital bed-linens and here on earth He loved me unconditionally and walls. The nurses said I should talk to him. I took his hand knew we could never be perfect. I know that I and told him that if he wanted to live a little longer and have not been a perfect father, but I have given take a road trip with us, he would need to fight. I also told it my best shot. Over the last 5 years since Dad him that if he was ready to leave this world, he could go. passed away, I have come to realize how import- I whispered in his ear that if heaven existed, his parents ant and short life really is. But, I will keep making would bethere waiting for him and that we would be OK every day the best that I can by loving you till my if he chose to visit with them. I wanted some sign that he time runs out here on earth. I have had a lot of had heard me, but I had a sense that if the soul exists, his hard luck, but I have learned a lot from it over had already left his unresponsive body. the years. Try to live each day as your last, and treasure each day that you have. My younger sister arrived later that afternoon and told me she would stay with him for a while. When she called me My father’s words reflect on the death of his own father to tell me that he had died that same evening, I began and his faith to gently remind me of a cliché he had often to tackle my share of the responsibilities we had divided. repeated to me, “Life is short, Trish. Remember to smell the I wrote his obituary, called his lawyer regarding estate roses.” When my father encourages me to “treasure each matters, and contacted the minister to officiate the burial. day,” he is telling me, the person always working towards My last obligation, writing the eulogy, proved to be the her future goals, to live in the present moment, value most difficult. As I drafted it, I carefully noted his success important relationships, and allow myself to discover what as a small business owner, highlighted his Christian beliefs is sacred in everyday life. He is reminding me to let myself and community service over the years, omitted references experience awe, wonder, and gratitude. to both of his ex-wives (as he had previously instructed years prior), and praised him for being a loving father and I dec FVBF6&RFR&fRVFRg&2VFP6'WBגv&G2vW&RfBBvVW&2v2B&RWVwB&VvF'VB'&FfRFB6&VfW"ЧFWG&7BVrg&גfFW.( 2ƖfR"FVF&V6W6RV6VB&vFVW'6( 2( 6&6W>( W76rvFFF( BrrF&6W722FVF"גv7W'ff2V( F&VG( FWFR6vf66RbאbBfFW.( 2G&66VFVFGf6RFRfrW76vR@*fVBg&66VFVBFRWVwvF&VfW&V6Pg'W7G&FVBvvVBFגB66VBF&R&VBFƖW2g&( F&VG( v6VW'662vR6V@BV2g&גfFW"rvVBfBvFBFW7"fW"72'WBr( vB&&w2FV6@V&ƗRvVVVBג&fVB7V6WG26~( ƖR#c'F7V"&VfW&V6VBFPVVVBVg&ӲBFBVfVBvW'b&&w2B7V6WG2FW7G&FRגfFW.( 0גfFW.( 27Bw&GFVv&G2FRFFVB##BfGFVBF&V֖BRF&V6FRr&VWFgVfWrvVV2&Vf&R2FVFRB6VBFRfvrfVWFrBfFRƖfR2W76vR&"F27W&vW'B'W7vFv&BFPVBbFR6VW7FW"BBWfV&FW&VBF&VBCFW&Rv2fWvr67W&Rg&6VVrגfFW"@G&FF6vRV6VgV7FG2fBЦVBv7BF&7VB7FVB6r26ffw&fR6FR#p