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“what rainbows teach, and sunsets show”: departure, return, and synchronicity  By Trisha Brady “Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth, that around York City. Then, I promised him I would be home with him every circle another can be drawn; that there is no end for our annual visit in four days. When I hung up, I did not in nature, but every end is a beginning ...” ~ from Ralph know that this would be our last conversation. Waldo Emerson’s “Circles”   While attending the graduation ceremony, I turned my The day my father succumbed to sepsis and slipped into phone off and did not think to switch it on until I arrived a coma, I was attending the commencement ceremony at home later that evening. By that point, I had multiple for students at my university. I was seated on the stage in messages from a doctor asking me to call him about my my regalia for the first time as a tenure-track professor, father who was in intensive care. When I returned his calls, and I had no idea that my father was dying miles away in he told me that my father had sepsis, that I should come Tennessee. He had called me three days prior to complain to the hospital immediately, and he asked me if they about a pain in his abdomen and told me that he had should intubate him. In a state of disbelief, I explained gone to the local ER where he was given a prescription that I was eight hours away and was supposed to drive for antibiotics and released. He was several days post- down in the morning for a beach holiday with my family op from having a stent placed in his bile duct to address that included a week with my dad. The doctor explained a gallstone, and I told him he should contact his family that my dad “might not make it through the night.” In doctor and surgeon to discuss what his local ER physician response, I told him to intubate my father if it would save had recommended. When he asked me if I would drive his life and that I would leave for the hospital within the down to be with him, I told him I had to tie up some loose hour. My husband carried our sleeping seven-year-old out ends at work and attend the graduation ceremony in New to the car, and we began our long drive to Knoxville just after midnight. 26