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artsy and edgy with a short do, I was more than ready to I do my best to understand the statistics and the odds of let the hair grow. I needed to look like me again. recurrence. As the days go by, very, very slowly, cancer is not the first thought on my mind when I awaken. I sleep So back to the second part of that big question: did it better and deeper. I continue to heal. work? Well, there is no concrete answer to that. I finished treatment, was pronounced cancer-free and then was cast I don’t really know if it’s banished forever, but I do have to into a new great unknown. I realized that I had become believe. friends with my radiation technician but there was no reason to continue that relationship. No doctor is waiting Four years free and I still remind myself every day to for me to arrive for an infusion or a scan. No phlebotomist believe. is waiting to draw my bl ood. This is the utmost test of faith I have ever known. I have no schedule to keep. I am just me again. It’s wonderful and daunting, all at the same time. Barbara LaBounta serves as the design director for Months To Years. She has worked in publishing, television, video post-production, animation and education. Major credits include Saturday Night Live, Toy Story, and Shrek. She has spent many hours on stage as an actor, dancer and singer in various locales such as New York City, Atlanta, Vancouver, and now, San Francisco. Barbara is happily married to a wonderful husband of 30 years, and is a mother to beautiful and intelligent identical twin daughters. An accomplished home chef, she is also a doting rescue mom to a very handsome chocolate Labrador retriever named Shiner. 25