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 What’s Left By Felice Aull   You died your collections are mine alone now CDs by the hundreds Bach and Beatles Pavarotti and Armstrong Wagner Cole Porter you took me to my first opera live performance Tosca lying on her stomach singing gave me goose bumps your books fill the shelves alongside mine I like to see them there but won’t read them our tastes not the same two Bose players set for classical music that I don’t know how to change not that I want to  but I’ve learned to replace the printer ink record television programs series or individual still afraid to stream afraid to disturb what works DVDs I watch at night as we used to you in your recliner chair Felice Aull was born in Vienna during the Nazi era and telephone with caller ID came to the U.S. with her parents as a young child. New your voice I won’t delete York City was not her first home in the U.S. but it is the from the answering machine place where she has felt most comfortable for many Wi-Fi Internet years. She started writing poetry late in life, in her 60s. you arranged all that Her poems have been published i مɥ䁽ɥ)ѡ䁙'e ѕɅ䁵饹́ȁձѠ)ȁѡ͕ѥѥ 5ѽمՅѥi݅́Չ͡))ձܸMɕѥɕɽѡձ䁽9܁eɬ)UٕͥM5ݡɔ́͡܁չ)ձ䁵ȁѡ٥ͥ5!յѥ̸)9eT͡ȁ͉5ѥ9Ȱչ)ݥ͕ݕͥєɕͽɍȁѕ͍͡)յѥ́ѡ1ѕɅɔ̰)5х͔Mɹ́ȁ͉éѠ(ԁ́ɅѕհȁѡɅѥ́5х)]ͥє ܹձ(