Months To Years Summer 2018 MTY_Summer2018_v7 - Page 10

Loving Life By Pam Munter Even as a kid, I always read the obituaries. They can people in my family have died at an early age of some reveal who someone was, at least as seen through the form of heart disease. Knowing my genetic destiny, I’ve eyes of the survivors. The few selective words serve as a lived a preventive maintenance lifestyle. final, if biased, summary. But I am inevitably waylaid by the occasional sentiment, “She loved life.” What does that In spite of all my righteous habits, however, I’m facing mean, exactly? Does it mean that she \[ܞHX]HYX[XKx&]HY[[ܛYYH]H\Z[]HYYZ[] Z[[[YYY\Y\XX\\Y\ۙH]\[KHۙHH^\]Z[XO]HYH[[\HY\[\ۘ[]O[X[X\[8'HYXZ\'H[HY^\[ܙHٝ[H\X ]8&\HڙX[ۋ]YX[H[Z[HH[]HY\\\\H܈]X\[ˈ][ݙYH\[]H\\[H[ݚ[H\x&\HZ\XHY[[XXH][]\H™]H\[YH[[\HXZ[[H\KYZˈ]8&\\Y\^H[][B[ܛX[\]YHۈH\\H[H[ݚ[܂[HXYHܙHX[^H]H۸&][HݙHXZ[ٙ[HX[KX[]\BYKH[H]\]][ YH\ˈH[H[x&[H[[YYX]H\XX\\ ]\]Y\[HY\[œ\Y[\\وZ[\Hو^\[]XH]][[ݚ[H[\Z[]KBX]\HوݙKH[]Y\X][ۜ[][]ۘ]Yܙ[YH[\Y\][\Z\XB[YHH[]H[ˈ[وHY\][[\[H۸&]ݙ\] ]8&\X] M HYX\܈˂L