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Without Me By D.D. Renforth I dream of frozen mountains showing scattered spots of green and stable clouds that dart and play when my eyelids blink I dream that these are times someone dear has left me in a will I see my friends and family picnic on blades of grass  dance in weddings of white gardenias and red roses  the warm wind welcoming my face  spraying out fragrant willow smells that don the country and the soft rhythmic sound of crickets  obeying the throb of nature’s heart    It seems my mind has loved to wander filling up with leaves of color falling a kiss a teenage girl has now forgot  engulfing the spirit with shores of gushing hope   I cannot help it I want to swallow it all before it stops   All those leaves will fall without me.   D. D. Renforth lives in Toronto, Canada, and received a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. His long poem, “Prometheus Laments” appeared in Straylight Online in January. Several of his stories have appeared in the last few months in The Ekphrastic Review, Swept Magazine, and the Ocotillo Review. His one-act play, a spoof on Shakespeare, appeared in Ponder Review in Fall 2017. He was a yo-yo and horseshoe champion at 17. 63