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Are You Happy? By Lynne Rothrock A local high school student recently asked to interview me other than going out to eat more, being able to buy tickets for a project. As expected, most of the questions were bi- to shows, and taking vacations once in a while—there ographical and about my education and work experience. isn’t a lot I wish I could do that I can’t. I have a wonderful Near the end of the interview she said, “I have just one mother, sister, and other close friends who are like family. more question. Are you happy?” And I have love—in my music, in my life—in my husband, I stopped short. This was not what I was expecting. Are you happy?? How does one answer that question, at my age, in my cur- Ron, the most soulful guitar player I’ve ever heard. But how can I say, unequivocally, ”Yes, I am happy” when my husband is fighting for his life? rent situation—or maybe ever, if I want to answer honestly? Two-and-a-half years ago he was diagnosed with pancre- We had only a minute or two to complete the interview, so atic cancer and the days since have been terrible in more I paused and then said something along the lines of, “Um, ways than they have been wonderful or even okay. This I think so? I mean . . . probably?” experience of fighting and living with this disease has been I was mentally cataloging the reasons why I should be happy: I am a person who has known from about age five awful, horrifying, scary, tragic, devastating—in ways the world never sees. what I was suppose ѼݥѠ䁱ݡ́ݔɔЁٕѼѡٕݽЁЁи%Ё́ɐ)Սȁȁѡ丁$ٔݽɬЁݡ$M<ɐ5ѡ́ݡЁѡͥ)ͥєѡЁ$ٔѕ̸%̰݅QՑѡݽɬѡЁ$ե䁱ٗQ́ɕ)$ݥ䁵ɔՍ͙հݽɬѡ$Ёٔɽ̸%Ё́݅ѥɽѡѥ)ٕȁݡ$݅́չQ́ݽɬ́Ёٔɕ䁍э͕%Ёٕ́ɕѥѼѡ̰)͕ɥ䰁Ё䁉ͥ́ɔЁP͹ЁѥЁѡ(