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We followed a path through trees to a white domed thing’s okay. I think Judi’s telling us she knows you’ve finally temple, the centerpiece of the ashram. En route, a large kept your second promise to her and that she’s going to be shadow crossed overhead. We looked up. A blue heron all right now.”  circled, folded its six-foot wingspan and landed gracefully 70 feet away. A few steps beyond, people were tilling a garden. The famously shy blue heron took no notice. As our relationship matured, I wanted my daughters to share the joy that I felt at having found someone I knew their mother would happily endorse. Kim was the first For several minutes, Sharolie and I exchanged what daughter to meet Sharolie. She invited us to a baseball seemed like meaningful looks with the heron. Reluctantly, game. We had just settled in when two enormous dragon- we continued to the temple, toured the unique structure flies swept around Sharolie’s head, landing calmly on her and emerged back into the sunlight. baseball cap.   A blue heron was standing in a small lily pond at the “Oh, my God!” Kim screamed.  “Look at that! Drag- entrance! Like the earlier blue heron, it stared at us. Was it onflies! Two of them! Oh my God! You know what that the same one we’d seen earlier? means, don’t you?” Other visitors walked by, glancing in amazement over their Despite Kim’s outburst, the dragonflies remained. For Kim, shoulders. The heron just stood there, patient and unblink- the dragonfly parable had come true, convinced those ing, returning our gazes. dragonflies were on a mission from her late mother to give “It has to be a message,” Sharolie whispered. “It has to be Sharolie and me her approval. from Judi. It’s bringing a message from her. I just know it.” We walked past the pond, looking back. The blue heron turned its head, continuing to watch us. We walked behind the temple. The spectacular scenery overlooking the lake failed to wrest our minds away from the lily pond. “I wonder,” I said. “Do you think it’s still there?”  Sharolie nodded. When we returned the blue heron was indeed still For months, Sharolie and I experienced hovering dragon- flies. And we’d frequently see blue herons fly by, wherever we happened to be. Like the dragonflies, these encounters were often in atypical locations.  “She’s just checking in, Jim,” Sharolie would say at those moments. “She’s just checking in.” Soon after we were married, their visits became less frequent. there. Once again, it invited our gazes. Finally, afternoon shadows drew our attention. Back at our car, we wondered how long the heron might have stayed. “Yes... I’m sure,” Sharolie said. “That had to be Judi sending SOURCE CREDIT: The dragonfly analogy is drawn from, “The Water Bug Story”, to be found at www.healing- you a message... sending us a message... telling you every- James Osborne is the author of three novels and a collection of short stories, each having received international awards. His debut novel, “The Ultimate Threat” has also twice topped Amazon’s bestsellers lists. Many of his 120-plus short stories have also won awards and been published in various journals and anthologies. His website is www.JamesOsborneNovels. com. His career prior to writing included work as: an investigative journalist, teacher, vice-president of a Fortune 500 company, army officer, and business owner. James graduated in psychology and political science from the University of Alberta and did post graduate studies in management at Duke University and the University of Virginia. 59