Months To Years Spring 2018 Months To Years Spring 2018 - Page 55

A Grief Conversation By James Osborne For weeks I’d been attracted to Judi’s effervescent person- with another man. Jealousy ricocheted through my body. ality squeezed into her petite frame. Her presence at the Had I really become this obsessed? company where we worked had derailed my twenty-some- thing’s career focus and made me look forward to every day at work. I was determined to get a date with her. When I saw her name on the sign-up sheet for the company’s curling league, I considered it an opening. Immediately, I signed up for the league, too, even though I’d never curled before She had rebuffed my invitations up to that point but I was certain it was because she hadn’t yet had a chance to get to know me. Waiting the weeks for curling to start was excruciating. We were assigned to separate teams. No matter. The first night after play ended everyone gathered for a kickoff party. I couldn’t find her. I panicked. She’d been with her friend Elaine. I mingled, searching. Nothing. Then I caught Elaine’s eye. She tilted her head. I followed her gaze. Judi was speaking After several attempts to get her attention by trying to walk through her line of sight, I decided to go home and headed for the door. “Oh, there you are!” I suddenly heard her say. My breath caught in my throat and I turned. “Elaine said you were looking for me,” she said. “Well, here I am!” “Uh, could you... would you... if you like to, um... go for a coffee?” I stammered. My face felt hot. “I can drive you home... uh, after,” I added. “I’d love to!” Judi said cheerily. “Lead the way!” At that moment, I came to believe that magic was real. 55