Months To Years Spring 2018 Months To Years Spring 2018 - Page 54

Lifestory By Kathryn Collins A single drop of bath oil rests hesitant on the bottle lip.  It quivers, shivering in pockets of cold that rise in whirlpools of steam. Until friction, that inexorable bitch, snaps, plunging the drop to a sudsy dip and inevitable demise. Kathryn Collins’ essays and poetry have been published in Burner Mag H[\\[YYXK[[X]B\ˈHX[HXZ]Y\PH[ٙ\[ۘ[X[ۈܚ][HH[]\]Hو[\[\[Hܚ\BX\X[Y\Hۙ\[\[^][\X[K\ܘY[[]\[XKH\]\YYHHH[[Z[›وܘY˂M