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Benign or Malignant By Carey Link I’ve memorized protocol:   Name:  Carey Link Date of Birth:  2-12-75 Last 4 of social: XXXX   Pass.   Bitter-sour of saline hangs—   I give three vials of O-.   Pass.   Freeze.   A new typography on the right at 1:00. What are the shapes of its curves—signs—symbols?   I hear a crooked, homeless puzzle of half-syllables without strings. I play Hang Man with strangers.   Carey Link is a retired civil servant from Huntsville, Alabama.  Carey is living with metastatic breast cancer. Carey has found healing and self-discovery in writing poetry. Carey’s poetry has previously appeared in Poem, The Birmingham Arts Journal, and Birmingham Poetry Review among other publications.  Carey has published a chapbook titled What it Means to Climb a Tree (Finishing Line Press) and a poetry book titled Awakening to Holes in the Arc of Sun (Mule on a Ferris Wheel). 53