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Plain Thoughts About Things By Barbara Kussow What will be done with the things? A nonspecific word to be avoided in poetry.  Connotation of tangible.  Well, usually. How are things?  An exception. In old age, a question some may not want to pursue specifically though others might be greedy for detail. My mother’s things— quilts carefully stitched that matched no one’s tastes. Photos of people I can’t identify. Some still boxed, never viewed. Our friends’ things-- purged for assisted living. Years of National Geographic. Scientific tomes, evidence of intellect  no library wants. My own things— An owl collection, perhaps destined for eBay.  Poetry and short story collections. My sons are not literary. Things evoke pride and pleasure. Then require ruthlessness. I lack the guillotine urge to lop off sentiment.  But I vow: Tomorrow, I will find a home for my mother’s lavender afghan. Barbara Kussow is a contributor to “Writing after Retirement: Tips from Successful Retired Writers” (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014; Carol Smallwood and Christine and Christine Redman-Waldeyer). Her short fiction has appeared in online and print venues, such as The Storyteller, Wild Violet, and Mysterical-E. Poetry has been published in Kaleidoscope, Dos Passos Review, Hospital Drive, Danse Macabre, Wild Violet, and other literary magazines. Essays and book columns have appeared online and in local papers.  She was editor and publisher of Still Crazy, a literary magazine that published poetry, fiction, and essays written by or about people over age 50 (, from 2008-2017. Recently, she completed her first novel for which she is seeking publication. 52