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Hit By A Car By Matt Nagin doom can approach languidly or like a scythe to the stars; you may not even see it; you might  not even have any idea it will happen;  innocently wandering in soft, alien  dreams, in provincial landscapes,  in hopes skillfully manicured, in the  kool-aid sunrise; and then—head to the  cement, glass in your arm, engine pilloried  by hope, the ultimate bludgeoning instrument.   this is the way you meet the end; with a great report card; infants praising you, an annual bonus; the new house and young love on the horizon; just then you get buried in cement; angels singing,  heaven parting and gold emblems of freedom  unveiled; a peace found among your relatives, a winning lotto ticket on the dresser; this is  the way time stops; the hammer meeting  the falcon, the scythe in the ravine of honey,  a cloak becoming an anvil and the tiny  chocolate candies melting into the sunrise as  all you once wanted to achieve suddenly disperses  like a magician’s trick before a sea of gullible faces. Matt Nagin’s poetry has been published in Antigonish Review, Dash Literary Journal, The Charles Carter, Grain Magazine and Arsenic Lobster, among other markets. His first poetry collection, “Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight,” was released in 2017, and has obtained very strong reviews. More info at mattnagin. com. 49