Months To Years Spring 2018 Months To Years Spring 2018 - Page 44

“ In that moment, I felt the most overwhelming sense of Loved ones of the dying also tend to act differently near death but the common denominator seems to be that we act out in all sorts of erratic ways. Death threw a wrench into my normal behavior – it’s semi-impossible to go through your days when an energetic cord of love that huge is about to be yanked from your existence and you know that any second now you are going to lose someone forever and that it’s going to ache. “ peace that has ever fallen upon me. I knew in that very instant that everything was going to be all right. There was no doubt in my mind that I was eternally safe, taken care of, and need not ever have another problem in the world for the rest of my days. There was no thought pattern to dissuade me from knowing this; I simply knew. It was a feeling that I had never before felt in my life and that to this day I have never been quite able to recreate. It was as if I had slipped into the real world, the one behind our thoughts and words, where everything intrinsically made sense. I knew I could lose all my money, all my friends, and be lying face down in a ditch somewhere with the only remaining thing that could possibly happen Ѽ)ѠLѡЁͽ܁ѡЁݽձeЁͼѕ)$ѽɅ )QЁɹ$ɹѡЁ䁙ѡȁ͕)ѡиQݼݕ́ѕȰ$͍ٕɕѡЁȰ)Ёɵɔ́ѡѡЁɥٕ́Ѽ݅)յѡɽ՝ѡٕݕѠ)-ɱ9́́ɥѕȁѥЁ٥1̸́!ȁݽɬ́Չ͡䁱ѕɅ䁩ɹ́)Չѥ́Ց AѽMAаMMɅ9ѕMѽͱ ѥٗ ́7 5饹 M)ѡѡȁѡ͡Ёѽɥ 5ѽ MAɕ̤ȁɱ䁄݅́ѡѽ)ѡͽѥɹ 9ѽ 5Ёɕѱ䰁ȁݽɬ́ɕ Qх͡а1́)Q̰Y ]ѡͥл ɕЁͅݽ!Ʌ5ѥѡѠՅ9܁5մ]ɥѥ)݅ɑ̸Mͼ́ݕͥє Չ5ɽȹݡɕ́ɕѥ́ձȁձɔ́ɥѕ)ݥѠ卡иḾɕѱ䁍ѕٕ 9չ)ɹ ́ݽɭЁͥɔ(