Months To Years Spring 2018 Months To Years Spring 2018 - Page 38

The Talisman By Rick Kempa I am dying. The cellular construct that  bears my name advances towards  dissolution. Yet   I am not dying, any more than  you are dying. More imminent? Perhaps. But if  we are to speak    of imminence, let us notice the light that shifts each instant on the forest floor, the air currents   that graze the cheek, the grass that rises faithfully between our toes each spring. Let us again and  always affirm   our love, this  something solid  that we will carry  with us like a  pebble in our mouths, unsayable, intact. Poet and essayist Rick Kempa lives in Rock Springs, Wyoming, where he is finishing his thirtieth and final year of teaching at Western Wyoming College. His latest poetry collection is Ten Thousand Voices (Oakland: Littoral Press, 2014). 38