Months To Years Spring 2018 Months To Years Spring 2018 - Page 30

The Jilted One By Jacqueline Jules The nurse called at 3 a.m. “Blood pressure dropping. Transitioning. ...” I arrived in time to witness the shocking stillness of his face, the grayish tint of unheard goodbyes. To burden the room with tears. “Transitioning. . .” A grub who eats his way to a winged existence, does not remember  who he once was. “Transitioning. . .” I am the jilted one, jealous of his new body— pain-free, airworthy,  unavailable for earthly touch. Like the story of the little angel carrying a candle  extinguished by her father’s grief. My tears douse the light he leaves with each flutter of his wings. 30