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M ONTHS T O Y EARS SPRING 2018 Her Things Alice B. Fogel 6 Let’s Pretend Loren Stephens 9 The Last Thing Gianna Russo 13 Definitions of an Ordinary Cancer Leah Angstman 14 15 People Die at 35 Small Talk With The Dying Ben Shaberman 16 Hanged Paul Rousseau 19 Cinco de Mayo Jeanne Omans 21 Apologies Rachel Greenley 24 Evolution of a Pack Mule Giulianna Nenna 25 In Memory of Mal Schoen Mal Schoen, Gary Schoen 27 The Jilted One Jacqueline Jules 30 31 When A Child Dies Scarred Milissa Link 32 Three Headstones Mary Margaret Shaw 36 The Talisman Rick Kempa 38 Course of Study Karla Linn Merrifield 40 41 La Forza del Destino Slipping Through The Cracks Kimberly Nichols 42 End To My Means Donna O’Shaughnessy 46 Saying Goodbye Edward Lee 47 Blanche James Penha 48 Hit By A Car Matt Nagin 49 Vigil Laurie Floyd 50 Plain Thoughts About Things Barbara Kussow 52 Benign or Malignant Carey Link 53 Lifestory Kathryn Collins 54 A Grief Conversation James Osborne 55 Are You Happy? Lynne Rothrock 60 Without Me D.D. Renforth 63