Months To Years Spring 2018 Months To Years Spring 2018 - Page 22

drank his water.  I dove back into the covers and quickly doorway of the bathroom and asked them to lift Al onto fell back to sleep.  Soon I was half conscious again, it.  They did, and now I wanted Al to take his walker and hearing Al ask again, “Water—could you get me some move back to the bedroom. water?”  I tried to avoid it.  I was too comfortable in that       bed.  “Go to sleep, Al.  Get some sleep.”  I didn’t get him But he sat there mute, his eyes wide open and staring the water this time. at nothing, totally unresponsive to my increasing demands: “Al!  Al!  You have to get up!  Get up!” Who knows how much later I awoke again to hear Al call      my name, “Jeanne, Jeanne.”  This was unusual.  He didn’t “I think he had a stroke,” one of the officers said.  She generally call me by my name.  It seemed a little formal.  radioed for the EMT’s. I looked and discovered Al wasn’t on his side of the bed      anymore.  I got up fast and went to the bathroom where I “Al!  Al!”  I was annoyed, yelling at him, not found him sprawled on the white tile floor, his walker tilted comprehending that in those moments of being lifted at a crazy angle.  He had fallen on his mission to get his and put in the chair, he had died.  I certainly didn’t own glass of water.  I felt pretty bad about not getting up realize it at the time, or I wouldn’t have yelled.  But now I the last time he asked. look back and think, that was the moment he was gone.  Minutes before and he’d been on the floor and we’d been discussing how to get him up.  Now he was silent, staring, “Help me up.  I can’t get up.”  His voice was small and absolutely still, propped on the sturdy wooden chair I had weak. provided. “Okay.  L ]YHYH]H[˸'pH\X]\[ًH[HSU8&\\]Y ^HZY[HۈHXۙ BX x&YY[Y]X][ۜZH\YܙKH]܈[[[[ܚ˰^H]Z^YYH]ZXBX]\\[H؛[K]Y\HYY ܈ ۈ\YYX[\ܞK[HٙX\]YH]Y\[^\وX[[H\ H[YX] ]ۙ\و\KH[ۜZ\˰HZ]Y ][[HYBY[H\\XH[HHYXوH[]\[H][KH\۸&]ܞZ[܈][[\[H[&]Y[KHXY\[HXۙ H\H\] HY&][\[][YYY8%][܈[^K[[]H[˰H]HۙH[[[SU[YHۜZ\[\YYK8'\BHYH[Y\Y^HۛH[ۈ\LLK]HH8&\\]]x&Hܙ\'pHۙ]HYH][[ ]H[\[][HHSU 8'[[H['B'HYY[Y[^H\ؘ[ x&\[[[H[&]]\ H[&]Y[Kx&\X˸'B[[YHHۙ\[و[[Z][%[X˜[ܝ ܞZ[\] [KH\[[H\[\[ZHXN8'\[\\ؘ[ \\] \\\[YKx&YY[]\ YX\˰0BXx&X[O'H]\H[[[Y[X\[%\\]\°000\\Y[ \XX\Y[\YX\][[][K' K8'HH\]H[[Y[X\Y\Y[x&YYHYB000]H]ۛHH[\^\\܈\Hx&YY['x&[[Y[ۙH] 'HHYX\\H[X\Hۙ\˂000[HXHٙX\\]Y ۙHX[KۙHHٙX\[[H۝܋[[ [\\]K[X[KH\XY[HHXۙ Y܈]KHH[]Y[H] ]^HX[Y ^Z[^H]B\\H[KHY\Y^H[X[H\[[[Z\؋Hۙ\Y]^HYوYK[H[ H][ۙYH\H[Z\[H[KܞZ[˰HX\Y^HX^H]HYHY&]