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“All of us are broken and have sinned.” “I shoulda’ said somethin’, I shoulda stopped it. But I didn’t…I didn’t…” His words slowed. “I done bartered all I He nodded, wiping his tears. can, it’s up to Him now.” Soon he was in an opioid slum- ber. “We yanked this poor boy into the bed of the truck, right next to the rope—he seen the rope—and took him back to The room was quiet save the hissing of the oxygen, the the hollers. He was so afraid he even peed hisself. That rhythmic cadence of the morphine pump, and the rum- poor boy, he knew what was gonna happen. He knew we bling snores of air passing over his swollen tongue.  were gonna…”  I wondered about his story; was it true, or was it some He stared at th Ȱ́́ݥᕐq$ЁЁхЁѼɅ䁥ɕ$ٕ)ӊ$ЁЁлt݅́Ք쁵Ёѡͥ́ɔ$ͼٕ)͍Ёȁх+q]ЁЁͽѥ̳t$ͅq9ѡéٕȁ)ɕͽɅ̸)ݡєѡɗé݅́ЁɅ今t)́$ɹѼٔ$ѡ՝Ё䁉ЁɥI+q$ٕȁɥ$ձeЁѕȁѡи$ձeЁٕݡ͕ٕɕ䁑ɕ͕͕ݡ$݅̀а)$ɥЁ'eեЁȁЁɕȁɥЁѼѡЁ́ѽՔͱݽɽѡɕɔѡ)$չ͡d͕ݡ$eЁа͡Ё͔ѡ$ѡ՝ЁéѽՔͥɱ)Ё$ѽ݅эͼ$Ё́ݕлtݽܰɽ䁉ɹͥг ݅)ЁչѡѽՔЁչ䁉х)!͡ѡѽѡյѡ)ɥѡɅյձЁѡ̻ )͡Ё )AհI͕ԁ͕́ɕѥɕѥٔͥ!́ݽɬ́Չ͡%ѥ)ɹ)9Ʌѥٔ5 QչȰQ!5͔ЁѼѥܸ!ٕ́ ɱѽM ݥѠ)́ѡɕ̰Ё́ѼɕɸѼɥ齹ЁѕȁѡѠ́ݥ(