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Zoh !” Mary and I were simultaneously amused and horrified , but we had both seen plenty of chatty , naked old men on the unit , so it didn ’ t really bother us , and we continued to hold the mirror as he shed his gown .
His excitement was remarkable . We had no idea what seeing himself in the mirror meant to him . Maybe he was just loopy from the cancer that had spread through his body and the opiates he was given to control his pain . Or maybe he just wanted to see himself one last time before he died . Regardless , I was glad to be there to help oblige his request . That was the reward of being a volunteer .
I opened the windows and curtains to Bella ’ s room to let fresh air in and closed the door to block the irritating din of Oprah on the television in the next room . I sat next to the head of the bed and held her hand . How strange it felt to be with someone at such an intimate moment in their lives with never having exchanged a single word with them . I knew absolutely nothing about Bella and wondered about her life . Had she lived happily ? Did she have a husband and children ? Did she enjoy a good joke ? How difficult had her battle with cancer been ? How would she feel knowing that some young white guy was the last person in her life ?
While being on the hospice inpatient unit was all about being with people who were dying , only once was I with someone while they passed away . I had just started my shift on a hot , sticky summer day , when Rita said to me , “ The woman in room one , Bella , will probably die very soon , and her family left this morning and is not returning our calls . I want you to sit with her . Hold her hand . Wipe her forehead . Make sure she ’ s comfortable .” When Rita made these requests , there was no doubting they were the right thing to do . And as intimidating as these situations could be , I had learned by then that it usually made sense not to ask any questions .
An African-American in her late 50s , Bella had breast cancer that had spread extensively . She was unresponsive and barely breathing . Though pale , her skin had a rather healthy sheen ; it was moist and unblemished . As someone who had inflamed skin from rather nasty eczema , I was always amazed at how clear the skin of hospice patients could be , especially the skin of patients of color . They could actually look quite healthy .
After about an hour , Bella ’ s breathing slowed down and became more and more irregular . As still as she had been , she became even more still . A few minutes later , her breathing stopped and she quietly slipped away , just like that .
The experience filled me with an overpowering sense of peace . I practiced meditation on occasion later in my life , but never felt the clarity and calm I felt the moments after she passed .
Five women from Bella ’ s family arrived about an hour later at the end of my shift , bawling hysterically as Rita tried to console them . I wanted to tell them that I was with Bella when she died , that she was comfortable and at peace . I wanted them to know that Bella would be ok . But I knew there was a good chance that wouldn ’ t have gone over well . Instead , I just slipped out the back door into the warm night , overwhelmed by the loud , rhythmic thrum of late summer ’ s crickets .
Ben Shaberman is the author of two books - “ Jerry ’ s Vegan Women ” ( fiction , 2015 ) and “ The Vegan Monologues ” ( humorous essays , 2009 ). Both were published by Apprentice House , Loyola University Maryland . His essays , articles , and commentaries have been printed in The Washington Post , Chicago Tribune , Baltimore Sun , VegNews , Vegetarian Times , and aired on NPR . His fiction and creative non-fiction have been published in : Sport Literate , Opium Magazine , Empty Mirror , The Good Men Project , Clean Sheets Erotica Magazine , and Crunchable . He has an M . A . in writing ( poetry ) from Johns Hopkins University and works as a science writer with the Foundation Fighting Blindness .
Zoh!” Mary and I were simultaneously amused and I opened the windows and curtains to Bella’s room to let horrified, but we had both seen plenty of chatty, naked fresh air in and closed the door to block the irritating din of old men on the unit, so it didn’t really bother us, and we Oprah on the television in the next room. I sat next to the continued to hold the Z\܈\HY\ۋXYوHY[[\[ [H][˜H]Y[ۙH]X[[[X]H[[Z\]\’\^][Y[\[X\XKHYYXH]]]\][^[YH[Hܙ][KBYZ[[\[[HZ\܈YX[[KX^XHH\ۙ]X][H[X][H[ۙ\YX]\HHH[\]YXYY\\YKYH]Y\[OYH]HH\ؘ[H[HX]\H\][۝\Z[܈[[[YH[HHOYX[X^XHH\[YYH[\[ۙH\[YHYܙHY\]H][\Y[[HY[HYY Y\\H\YH\H[؛YHۛ[]YH[[]H^H\H\\ۈ[\\]Y\ ]\H]\وZ[H[Y\\YO•[HZ[ۈHXH[]Y[[]\[X]Y\X][\[x&\X][Yۈ[Z[][H\HZ[ۛHۘH\H]X[YH[ܙH[[ܙH\Y[\\[\HYY[ۙH[H^H\Y]^KHY\\Y^HY[HX[YH][[ܙH[ H]Z[]\]\\YۈH XH[[Y\^K[]HZYYKX][Y[H]ZY]H\Y]^K\ZB'HX[[HۙH [K[ؘXHYH\H] ۋ[\[Z[HY\[ܛ[[\]\[›\[ˈH[[H]]\\[ \HH^\Y[H[YYH][ݙ\\[[Hق\ܙZXY XZH\Hx&\YܝXK'H[]HXXKHXXYYY]][ۈۈ\[ۈ]\[^HYKXYH\H\]Y\\H\X[^H\HH]]\[H\]H[[HH[H[Y\Y[ˈ[\[[ZY][\\H]X][ۜH\Y [KHYX\YH[]]\X[HXYH[B\[H]Y\[ۜ˰]HY[H[x&\[Z[H\]YX][\]\]H[و^HY ][\\X[H\]B[YX[P[Y\X[[\]H L[HYX\YYۜH[KH[Y[[H]H\][\]YXY^[][KH\[\ۜ]H[H[HYY ]H\YܝXH[][\[HX][ˈY[K\[YH]\XXKH[Y[Hۛ][H[Hˈ]X[HY[]\[\[[[Z\Y \Y[ۙHHۙ]\H\H[H][&]]HۙBY[[YY[H]\\HXޙ[XKH\ݙ\[ [XY H\\Y]HX܈[B[^\[X^Y]X\H[وXH]Y[\HY ݙ\[YYHHY ]ZX[Hق[K\XX[HH[و]Y[و܋^H]H[[Y\&\ܚX]˂[XX[H]Z]HX[K[X\X[\H]]܈و H8'\x&\Y[Y['H X[ۋ MJH[8'HY[[ۛY\'B[[ܛ\\^\ JK\HX\YH\[XH\K[H[]\]HX\[[ 0\\^\\X\[[Y[\Y\]HY[[Y[H\[ۈ 0XYX[K0[[[ܙH[0Yә]0Y]\X[[Y\[Z\Yۈ\X[ۈ[ܙX]]HۋYX[ۈ]HY[X\Y[ܝ]\]K0][BXY^[K0[\HZ\܋HY[ڙX 0X[Y]\XHXY^[K[ܝ[XKH\[KK[ܚ][ ]JHH[[]\]H[ܚ\HY[Hܚ]\]H[][ۈY[[\˂N