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Betrayal By Nancy Morgan Baltimore traffic was a snarl. I promised to arrive before colostomy for a time, but all should be standard procedure surgery, but they wheeled Jay in before I got there.  The and Jay could expect a full recovery. waiting room was a narrow, cheerless space off the main hallway, dingy orange upholstered chairs arranged in We were not used to seeing each other often, having sepa- clusters and singles. Knee-high maple tables were buried rated after a traumatic struggle first to save the marriage, in coverless magazines, tattered with helplessness.  Friends then to part for the sake of our children. The diagnosis offered to come along. No need to take up anyone’s time.  added a new layer of chaos to an emotionally-charged I would read and wait for the nurse to tell me the outcome chapter in our lives.  Jay was determined to restore our like everyone else. marriage but deep wounds from a conflict with his sisters and mother continued to fester.  His simmering rage The surgery was exploratory. There were suspicions. A exploded in relentless attacks on me and the children that tumor-like mass was spotted in the gastrointestinal area; threatened to break our spirits. Family life turned loveless, they would have to go in and see for sure.  If it was cancer, humorless. We cowered under the lash of his tirades. I and blood tests suggested it was, he had the best surgeon feared for our safety and finally found the courage to take in the country. The only doctor with a track record in this action.  Revisiting his dark world was frightening.  I would delicate procedure was flown in from his Midwest practice simply do what needed to be done, keeping feelings in to perform the operation.  Jay liked him immediately and check. felt confident that he would get the job done. The doctor would remove and replace affected sections of his organs with healthy tissue from his intestine.  There would be a The day dragged on with clusters of families settling in, jumping up when a nurse arrived with news. Each in turn 9