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just thought “Okay, here we go.  Let’s get on with it.” I don’t know how to conclude this. Probably because there is So here I am, once again, fighting for my life.  This time no conclusion, until there is. I do know that I am still adjusting it’s easier, physically.  The cancer is smaller, the chemo less to this new normal, and that I will find a way to keep going, harsh, but it is no less daunting a task to keep myself going, until I can’t. That I will find meaning in what there is to buoy to remain present, and to plan for the future when the future me along—the love of my family and friends, the charge of likely involves more go-arounds with the beast.  It’s getting creative self-expression, the contentment of a good book, tougher keeping this body alive, and at some point, I won’t the purring of my cats. Not to be trite, but I have come to want to do it anymore. I know those words will put my wife understand that life is what one makes of it. Learning that over the edge and I don’t want to scare her. I am not alone has been the best present I ever gave myself. on this ride. We are in this together and I am grateful for that, even though it is so hard for her to watch. Michelle Mindlin has worked in the entertainment industry, in one capacity or another, for most of her life, until recently.  After earning her Theatre Arts degree from Boston University, she returned to her native Los Angeles where she acted and directed for many years.  A stint at Disney Feature Animation allowed her to transition into creative development where she worked for many years as Director of Creative Affairs for Disney theatrical productions.  She left Disney to pursue her own creative interests, which include writing and developing projects for theatre and film. Currently, Michelle works for the State of California and is grateful for the perspective and health insurance it provides. Though she is extremely shy about it, Michelle does one of the best giraffe impressions you will ever see. 67