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I walked down to the rec room and scanned an article little talk alone with my dad. I thanked him, wished him in a nursing journal about the choices my generation well and told him it was OK to let go. is going to have for long-term care. How could it be    harder than this? And then I remind myself these are the fortunate people, the ones with enough money to be in this place. The ones whose families can pay for someone else to change the bedding and move the wheelchairs. 2 March   My sister and I took advantage of the perfect morning to have breakfast outside by the pool. We walked over to I also remember these times of reality are life lessons the nursing facility, joking about how sad he would be to for everyone – and are likely more or less profound as a miss this sunshine. By the time we got to his room, he was function of belief systems and relationships irrespective of already gone. I had said everything I wanted to say, so I who or where you are. waited in the hall while my sister said her goodbyes.        spread my mother’s ashes. I remembered there was one gets smaller and smaller. In the best of all worlds, they I found the nurse I had gotten to know the best, and told As I walk back into the room, the nurse is trying to get his help pulling up his pants. We had made the plans for his cremation, with the ashes to be spread in the ocean, the same place they had Mo is not so much dying – although clearly, he is – as he’s more task. disappearing. He gets harder and harder to reach as he   would go into his room some morning and it would be her I needed a favor. In the drawer of the nightstand empty. there were two small ceramic figures – a dog and a   chicken – that my sister and I had painted as kids. In the 28 February hospitalized, the dog and the chicken had gone too. I   didn’t see any reason to stop now, and she promised she likelihood this day would come, and it was time. Even so, As we walked outside to get some air, some sun and   last 30 years, every one of the several times he had been My father’s doctor called today to ask for permission to would make sure they went with him. stop all medications. She and I had talked about the   I was left with a profound sense of Life and Death. They regroup, I looked down and realized my khaki pants are not the same. I knew Mo didn’t believe in anything were totally rumpled and my long sleeve tee shirt, great remotely like an afterlife; after my mother died, he said if in the A/C, was too warm for the sunny day. It became he thought he could see her again, he would kill himself, clear you can’t get ready for this, you just have to show up but he didn’t, and that was that. and live it, but I did pack a black dress for the memorial   service. I asked the doctor how long she thought I had to get to California. She said probably a couple days, but I wanted to see him one last time, so I left early the next morning.     Victoria Kaplan has told other people’s stories since she My sister had already arrived in San Diego and checked Trade, 1996) and used her years of experience working 1 March was six. At 70, she decided to start telling her own. She co-   authored The A to Z Book of Managing People (Berkley us into the hotel down the street from the skilled nursing with business owners of color, coupled with her doctoral facility. I found her and G. outside my father’s room. I work, as a basis for Structural Inequality: Black Architects hugged each of them and went into the room to have a in the United States (Rowman & Littlefield, 2006). 58