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Suddenly, a mountain biker comes flying down the path, a I hadn’t been able to recall a moment when she asked plume of dirt cloud in his wake. me, but here, I realize, here, now, here is one of those moments. Here, the deer grazing, unafraid, dipping their “Mom!” I warn, “Biker!” heads up and down with their mouthfuls of weeds, jaws churning. Here we are, three humans, one of us in her own She yelps and jumps out of the way, to the side of the sunset, the other two of us standing in a different season path, near a shallow grove of gray spidery bushes. When of life, making choices, carving out a path. But we are not she does, we are surprised when a fifth deer leaps out thinking of that. We are not thinking at all. We are just from that same grove, startling her with its appearance, animals looking at animals, standing outside beneath the like a lost spirit, like the one left behind, like the explorer rising moon. who has wandered too far off on his own, like the one who is anxious to return to the tribe. He looks back at us, we Have you ever smelled the coming dark? The way the catch eyes, and then he is off to find his other four. plants breathe out a musty sigh, a thick whispered greeting to the gathering quiet? The way the dirt is Time ceases to stand still and instead it goes on. We head overtaken by shadow and it holds its moisture close, back down to the car. We make it back in time for our making fragrant its cold stone? 3:51 arrival. We crown my mother the winner of our bet, embracing her in a big hug. Then we pile into our car for I take my husband’s hand in mine. shelter and warmth, and drive off into the dark. Danielle Speakman is a psychologist in private practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she specializes in the treatment of trauma, anxiety and depression. She has a special interest and training in the integration of spirituality into the therapeutic setting (inclusive of all religious/spiritual traditions) and she enjoys working with clients who are seeking their own spiritual development and growth. Danielle is also a yoga teacher, and she particularly enjoys teaching yin yoga, where an intentional space is held for silence and stillness. Danielle received her Ph.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary as well as her Master of Arts in theology, and she currently is a psychology undergraduate professor at Lesley University. Though she grew up in Colorado, she now lives in Boston with her husband Alistair and her dog Shyla. 54