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The Speed at Which We Would Usually Rush By Danielle Speakman Yesterday my husband, my mom and I hiked up a mountain in the Rockies. It was only an eight-mile hike, She looks older this visit. She confesses she is worried but it was a moderate-to-difficult incline and a steady about her deteriorating brain and her lapsing memory. climb up, so by the time we made it to the top, we had She spends every morning doing exercises on a mini- an incredible view of the valley below, of the mountains trampoline to keep up her circulation and mobility, but I and the snow-capped peaks. When we got to the top, we can see that she is more fragile now. For example, when found rocks in the sun and we spread ourselves out over she walks, her left knee swings more like a pendulum, their warmth, shedding layers in the heat. which depends on gravity rather than muscle for its   movement. Different parts of her move with more stiffness, My mom, who is 67 now, weighs only 108 pounds. like a puppet whose joints stick for a moment before She eats small portions of salads and sips water from springing into action. miniature half-sized water bottles.  She is a beautiful tiny bird, her shoulder blades sharp like the lumps of growing I have hiked this mountain many times with my mother, chick wings. When you hug her, you can feel the pipe of but this time could be our last time. I suppose we never her spine, bendable and brittle. The only thing soft about know when the last time happens until it doesn’t anymore. her touch is the love I feel behind it, and her hair, which she is wearing longer these days, which wisps at her neck As my mother grows older, I am making plans with my like the down of a baby duck, which glows in the sunlight husband.  We want to try to buy a house so we are trying like dandelion fluff. to figure out what to do for a down payment. We are 52