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Closer By Sally Weinraub Come a little closer I can’t see Stand a little nearer yet to me Speak a little louder, I can’t hear Some relentless object blocks my ear Come closer, it’s so hard to talk To tell the truth, it’s hard to walk There was a time I had a voice As soft or strong as was my choice But now my whispers drift away You cannot hear the words I say I can’t remember. I forget Please come a little closer yet I used to run, I used to dance I relished every odd romance I used to act, I knew just how I cannot bend to take a bow I think I see you far away I hope it’s you, I cannot say You seem so far, you seem to freeze Oh come a little closer please Sally Weinraub is 97 years old and has lived in New York City since leaving England as a teenager during World War II. After a long career as an appellate attorney—at a time when women were not welcome in the bar associa- tion—she retired and has since become an avid poet and writer, most recently publishing four mystery novels. Her writing is available at 50