Months To Years Fall 2018 Months To Years Fall 2018 - Page 5

thoughts and serves as a powerful way to quickly ground ourselves and bring perspective to our daily frustrations. In this issue, Martina Reaves in “Less Than One Percent” writes with gratefulness about her close call with cancer 11 years ago. Likewise, Michelle Mindlin in “Through the Fire” writes about her ongoing close call with ovarian cancer. Monica Yancey (“The Importance of Losing Touch in the Social Media Era”) and Pam McAllister (“Death in the Digital Age”) explore death on Facebook, which McAllister calls “the world’s largest virtual cemetery.” In “Ruth,” Peggy Hendry reflects on the ethics of a hospice social worker expressing grief upon the death of a patient. In Nancy Morgan’s “Betrayal,” she reflects upon the ethics of a doctor telling the truth about a patient’s condition to the family but not to the patient. In “Reverberations of Pulse,” Orlando resident, Erin Rose Panzella, reflects on the labyrinth at Orlando Health, the hospital that treated many gunshot wound patients after the 2016 mass shooting at the nearby Pulse nightclub. In this issue we also bring you our first photo essay, a powerful compilation of images and text about the dying created by palliative care and telemedicine doctor, Michael Fratkin, and photographer Justin Maxon. I hope you enjoy this issue. As always, please let me know what you think. I would love to hear it. You can reach me at Best wishes, Renata Louwers, Editor and Co-founder, Months To Years MONTHS TO YEARS Renata K. Louwers | Editor & Co-Founder Tim Louwers | CFO & Co-Founder Barbara LaBounta | Design Director Renusha Indralingam | Editorial Assistant & Storytelling Coach